[THEMA 8​.​34] Behind The Light EP

by Dot

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As the warm days become fewer and fewer we come to cherish the music that turns up the heat from the inside out. Such is the case with “Behind The Light”, a triumphant return to Thema from the Tel Aviv-based producer Dot. Straddling the lines of Detroit, House, and Dub Techno, the Dot works with a palette of pure rhythm and mood to craft a sound that is perfectly suited for these late summer days. Whether it be the luscious claps and playful bass line in “It’s Just A Thought”, or the candlelight dub in “Middle Of The Night”, there is something about these productions that have a truly uplifting quality. However that’s not to say there aren’t darker moments as well. The title track of the EP hints at something lurking just underneath the surface, waiting to come forth into the light. It’s this kind of thick percussion work coated in a surrealistic sound bath that we look for as it always provides the most interesting moments on the dance floor, and this time around Dot has done more than deliver.

Text by Nathan Levenson


released September 26, 2016



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